Are you always looking around your house with an eye for design, and wishing for renovation and remodeling? Do you imagine changing the layout of your kitchen, or dream of enlarging your master en suite, or adding more living space to your existing home? Before you pick up that sledge hammer, consider that your remodeling project could use a professional set of eyes. According to renowned television show, This Old House, for that you will need to hire a professionally qualified home remodeler.
Choosing a Contractor

The Better Business Bureau cautions against blindly choosing a contractor from the phone book. Experts agree that you should base your hiring decisions on a contracting company that is experienced, has satisfied customers on record, and is fully transparent about all the work offered. Further, Consumer Reports strongly suggests hiring a general contractor who will oversee your remodeling project from start to finish; rather than parsing out pieces of a project to a string of independent subcontractors. Although this sometimes appears attractive because individual pricing seems low, it's fraught with pitfalls and problems that can result in a disastrous remodel, that often has to be redone.
Tips of The Trade

The best general contractors in the trade agree on certain standards of practice when hiring for a remodeling project. Do your homework, do your research, and keep these tips in mind when screening to hire. Does the contracting company:

Carry insurance?
Have experience in your community?
Give written guarantees?
Draw out plans?
Maintain a solid relationship with materials vendors?
Belong to professional trade associations?
Use bid price and payment schedules?
Write down specifics about the scope of the work?
Offer a set timeline for construction tasks?

Ready to Hire

A custom remodeling contractor in the greater Los Angeles area that meets these standards and more, is Best Builders & Development, Inc. Best Builders is a premier source for building and remodeling services; whether it's a kitchen, bathroom, room addition, or swimming pool that you desire, they are the general contractors that are the standouts on all counts.

Best Builders keeps their pledge of establishing a relationship with their clients, understanding the client’s design vision, blending form and function to make that vision possible in their home. Client expectations are exceeded, as their testimonials can verify. Compare your checklist of industry standards and you can see that Best Builders matches every goal set by consumer and professional groups. With Best Builders you are assured of getting:

Free estimates
Architectural and Engineering Services
Time and deadline specific contracts
Best quality workmanship - no cutting corners
Interface with all city building and safety inspectors
Construction remodeling contracts approved by legal regulators
Sourcing materials from the best vendors
Long standing experience with references
Memberships in: Associated General Contractors, National Kitchen and Bath Association, Better Business Bureau

Scan through the gallery of photos and you'll be impressed with Best Builders completed construction and remodeling projects. Fulfill your vision for a new living space, or kitchen and bathroom remodel. Break ground today with Best Builders and you'll understand their motto very well: "Small enough to listen and big enough to deliver."